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Dexter: Tutorials

There are several ways to connect a wallet to Dexter.

Note: Some users have reported unexpected behavior when using a browser that has both the Thanos and Beacon extensions.

Connect a wallet with Thanos

This video tutorial shows how to install Thanos Wallet, and use it with the Dexter exchange. The tutorial uses the alphanet faucet (https://faucet.tzalpha.net/) and the test network. On Mainnet you may skip the importation of the alphanet faucet wallet.

Connect a wallet with Beacon

This video tutorial shows how to use Dexter with Beacon Wallet. The tutorial uses Carthagenet but many of the same steps apply to Mainnet. Please see the Beacon documentation for more information: https://www.walletbeacon.io/

Legacy Tutorials

The following tutorials were created during Dexter's early beta period, which used a preliminary UI. We no longer maintain these tutorials, but more advanced or technical users may find them useful for their particular setups. We want to hear more about the ways in which you want to use Dexter, so please contact us with your requests for new tutorials.

Connect a wallet with Tezbridge

This written tutorial on Gitlab was created with an earlier version of the Dexter UI. The connection steps should be the same.

Connect a wallet with Tezbridge and Ledger

This written tutorial walks through using Dexter with Tezbridge and a hardware Ledger wallet. Here is also a parallel video tutorial:

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