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Once a Dexter contract has liquidity, anyone can perform trades if they have enough XTZ or FA1.2 token to purchase a minimal amount according to the exchange rate.

If you hold XTZ and you want to purchase FA1.2, you can sell XTZ to Dexter and it will give you the equivalent amount of FA1.2 minus 0.3% of your XTZ which is given to the liquidity providers as a fee.

The opposite relation holds true you hold FA1.2 tokens and want to sell them to Dexter. It will give you an equivalent amount of XTZ minus 0.3% of your FA1.2 tokens which is give to the liquidity providers as a fee.

Finally, you can trade a FA1.2 token A for another FA1.2 token B. This works just like performing A to XTZ then XTZ to B, but it ensures that you get your preferred exchange rate and does it faster than performing it in two operations. There is a 0.3% fee paid in A on A to XTZ then another 0.3% fee paid in XTZ on XTZ to B.

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